May Newsletter

May 1, 2022

If your dancer is expressing interest in being part of our competitive team, mark your calendars NOW! Save the dates of Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th.   We run industry-like auditions in order to give dancers the true and full industry experience.  Our judges are from Toronto and they will be holding a full day of workshops for all candidates on the Saturday and running the auditions on the Sunday – Judges Biographies will follow in a separate email once we finalize all plans.

Saturday, June 4th:   Full day of dance workshops for all audition candidates (schedule will follow in a separate email).  All candidates MUST take the workshop in order to be considered for the team.  Our three judges will teach:  Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acrobatics and Musical Theatre.  All dancers will wear a number for quick identification purposes.  We strongly encourage all dancers to participate for the entire day of workshops, even if the dancer is not auditioning for all genres.  This is a wonderful experience and we want to encourage positive learning and growth. For example:  If a dancer is not auditioning for ballet, we will ask that dancer to remove their number to show the judges they are not auditioning for that genre, but simply taking the class for experience, enjoyment & learning.  This will also show judges the candidate is open-minded and willing to learn.

Judges will be teaching routines in all classes, and dancers will be expected to remember and practice all choreographies as they will be used for the audition.

Sunday, June 5th:  The morning will be reserved to review all routines.  We will start auditions in the afternoon and all age categories will be viewed separately.  We will start with PETITES, then JUNIORS, then TEENS/ SENIORS will be last.

PETITES (ages 8 & under):  Offering ballet, jazz and hip hop for this age group.

JUNIORS (ages 9-11):  Offering ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre for this age group.

TEENS (ages 12-14): Offering ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, acro for this age group.

SENIORS (ages 15-18): Offering ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, acro for this age group.

RESULTS:  All dancers will receive a phone call with final results a few days following the auditions.

AUDITION APPLICATION FORM:  In this email, you will find the Audition Application Form.  Please fill it out, scan it and send it by email to Melissa:   The $85.00 audition fee must also be sent by e-transfer to:

WORKSHOP FEE:  Once the application form as been submitted, please also send the workshop fee by

e-transfer to:

PETITES: $200.00                   JUNIORS: $235.00                  TEENS & SENIORS:  $250.00



We are excited to announce that our 2022-2023 dance registration will be done online through our website starting June 15th:   We are offering a 10% early bird discount for those who pay in full from June 15th-July 20th.

The 2022-2023 dance schedule will be posted on our website starting June 15th.  Tuition fees will remain the same as last season

We are bringing back AERIAL SILKS!! Miss Stephanie Salvati will be getting her certification this Summer!!! Aerial silks is open to ages 8+.

We are also adding a BEGINNER TEEN TAP to our schedule for all teens who have never taken a tap class, but want to start learning this exciting genre!

In November of 2022, Melissa will be reaching out to all MKDA DADS!! We are bringing back our FAMOUS DANCE DADS for recital 2023!!! Every dance dad is welcome! No dance experience needed!



Miss Julie Prévost & Miss Melanie Carter are offering a 3-day Acrobatics bootcamp in July! Please keep your eyes open in your emails for a detailed schedule, dates and fees coming in the next two weeks.



Miss Melissa Kelly-Lavoie will be holding a Petite/Junior dance camp August 15th-18th and a Teen/Senior dance camp August 22nd-25th.

Registration for these camps will be done through our website.  Keep your eyes open for a detailed email that will include information on classes offered, schedule & fees.



There will be a scheduled pick-up day(s) at MKDA for all recital pictures in the next two weeks.  We promise it is worth the wait…..These pictures are GORGEOUS!!

Should you have any questions regarding pictures, please email Marc Breton at: