May Newsletter


This year, we are running our auditions very differently therefore we urge you to read on.  Here is the information:

WHO? The judges are the same as previous years:  Shawn Byfield, Karen Woytowich and Natalie Sweazey all from Toronto.

WHAT? Dance workshop taught by our judges, will be held on Saturday, June 9th 2018.  Auditions taking place on Sunday, June 10th 2018.  Dancers must participate in the dance workshop to be considered for the team because dancers will be auditioning with the routines taught by the judges during the dance workshop. On Sunday, the workshop schedule will be condensed in order for dancers to have one more time to practice and review each routine and ask questions.  Starting at 2:15 until 5:00pm on Sunday, June 10th, auditions will start in studio A.  The judges will view the Petites & Juniors together and will see the Teens & Seniors together as a group.  All dancers will be required to wear a number on their person throughout the two days.  During the audition, the judges will ask to view the routines in small groups (not individually). 

WHY? In the real industry of dance, auditions are held in this fashion (in group settings).  We have done the individual auditions for a few years now and we thought this would be a positive change because there will be less pressure put on the dancers, zero “prep or practice” time in the studio, no music editing for Brandon, no private lessons for the teachers and the judges will get to see first hand how the dancers learn, how they apply corrections, how they do with new material etc.  They will also get to see more of their personalities because being on the competitive team is not just about talent and skills, it is also about being a leader, taking initiative, being responsible, being punctual and being a team player.   Everything will be taken into consideration. 

COST? The workshop will be $150.00 per dancer and the audition fee will be $50.00 per dancer.

WHAT DO I NEED TO SUBMIT? You will need to go to our website under the “Forms” page and download the “Audition Application Form”.  Please fill it out and return the form and the payment to the office no later than June 5th 2018. 


  1. 2018-2019 REGISTRATION:

We will have the same online registration as last year.  You will be able to register directly from our website.  It will work the same as last year, meaning there will be a ONE TIME REGISTRATION. All fees in the system will reflect the cost for 2 terms and the costume fees will also be included. 

Tuition fees and costume fees will remain the same, however we will be adding a $25.00 Dance Bug access code in order for you to enjoy the recital from your phone or tablet. J  These are still the discounts that will apply for the 2018-2019 season:

Early Bird Discount:  Pay the entire year in full between June 1st – July 16th and receive a 10% discount.

-There will be one option if a payment plan is needed.  The total cost of tuition will be divided into five equal, monthly payments.

-If the total cost of tuition is $2000: Receive 2% discount.  $3000=3% discount.  $4000=4% discount etc.

-Costume fees will be $100 and/or $150 depending on the class and level.

Please note: The 2018-2019 schedule will be finalized by May 30th and will be posted on our website. 



1 BALLROOM DANCING for Couples. We will teach 3 different styles of Ballroom:  Rumba, Swing & Waltz

2 PILATES: Mandatory for all competitive students and one open class to recreational dancers (limited enrolment). This class will be taught by Jessica Mercier from the Movement Studio.

3 ADULT LYRICAL: Taught by Julie Prévost



When clicking on ‘’Click here to register for the MKDA Summer Dance Workshop’’, you will be able to view the schedule.  



MKDA is partnering up with Johnny Brown; an online dancewear store.  MKDA has carefully selected a range of dancewear, shoes and accessories that will ensure all of our dancers have safe, comfortable and appropriate uniforms when participating in classes. The best part is that you can order online through our website so it is super easy and convenient!  Every shade of tights, style of shoes and dancewear will be uniform amongst all our dancers so there won’t be any questions about where to purchase your dancewear; it will all come from one convenient place:  Johnny Brown! To know more about Johnny Brown and this company, feel free to browse their website:

We will offer different packages for all genres of dance.  For example:  If your child is in Grade 2 Ballet, you will need to click on the “Grade 2 Ballet” package and it will indicate exactly what you need to purchase.  The best part is Johnny Brown will deliver your dancewear directly to your home in 2 days!

Stay tuned for more information!