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List of 2021-2022 Protocols

  • Screening: These questions have been emailed to all of our clients and also available on our website under the “Forms” page. BEFORE coming to dance class, the parents must be diligent by asking their children these questions. If the dancer answers yes to any of the following questions, we ask that the dancer stays home until they are symptom free.


  • We ask that dancers arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before the start of their class. This is to avoid congestion in the main foyer and to adhere to physical distancing rules.


  • UPON ENTERING THE BUILDING, ALL PERSONS MUST WEAR A MASK & SANITIZE THEIR HANDS. There are automatic sanitizing stations at several locations throughout the building, including the entrances.


  • Small dance bags are permitted but as long as the dancer keeps their belongings in their bag and not on the floor. The main entrance cloak room, studio B change room and observation areas in both studios will have an ‘X’ (either on the floor or on the hooks) to indicate where dance bags can be placed.


  • All dancers must enter through the main entrance doors, indicated ‘’IN’’ and exit through the main entrance doors, indicated ‘’OUT’’. Due to security reasons, we are not using the side entrances & exits.



  • The observation areas in studio A & B are temporarily closed for viewers until further notice at the exception of our CREATIVE BALLET (GROUP A & B). One parent per child is able to stay for the duration of the class as long as masks are worn and physical distancing is maintained.


  • NEW In January 2022, we will reassess the idea of parents observing class. This will all depend on COVID cases at that time and health regulations. Our observation areas are not large enough to allow one parent per dancer, plus maintaining physical distancing.  We also do not want to ‘’pick & choose’’ which parent will stay and which parent will leave.


  • For DANCERS AGES 6 AND UNDER: One parent per dancer is permitted to enter the building in order to organize their children for their dance class (assist them in putting on dance shoes and dance wear), but must leave once class begins. For DANCERS AGES 7+: Dancers must enter the building independently.


  • Teachers in both studio A & B will have a thermometer. As dancers stand in a single file outside the studio with their masks on, teachers will take the temperature of the dancer and maintain record of it from week to week.  If the temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius, the dancer will be asked to go home.


  • Once the teacher has taken the dancer’s temperature, they will be asked to go hang up their mask on the hooks we have on the wall.


  • Once the temperature has been taken, all dancers must go on an “X” marked on our floors all 6 feet apart.


  • Bathrooms: There will be disinfecting wipes in all bathrooms. All dancers exiting the bathroom, must wipe down the toilet seat, faucet and paper towel holder and any extra surfaces they’ve touched as well as wash their hands. PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH THE WIPES DOWN THE TOILET!


  • For dancers coming to the studio for only one class, we ask that you use your personal bathroom at home before coming to the studio. This will avoid the possibility of contamination in our bathrooms.


  • We will be keeping the studio B “Homework Lounge” and studio A “Observation Area” open to dancers who are dancing multiple classes in the evening ONLY. We will have disinfecting wipes in both of these rooms and we ask that dancers sanitize all surfaces touched before leaving the area. While in these rooms, dancers must wear a mask.


  • Eating & Snacks: We understand that many dancers are at the studio for long periods of time and must eat.  Therefore, we ask that eating is restricted to the studio A observation area or the studio B Homework Lounge.  Eating is not permitted in the main entrance foyer or anywhere else in the building. All trash must go in the garbage.


  • Water Bottles: For this year, we are asking all dancers to bring their water bottles into the studio to avoid going in and out of the studio. No sharing of water bottles please!


  • In between each class, teachers will disinfect all surfaces that were touched. Please note we will be finishing class 5 minutes early to allow for this procedure.


  • Parents must ensure they are waiting in their vehicles 10 minutes before class ends in order to prevent congestion in the main entrance foyer.



  • NEW: In the case where there is another lockdown, MKDA has a plan and will keep all families informed. Should a lockdown happen in the Fall, there will be no reimbursements for Term 1 fees. If we must close for an indefinite period of time, Term 2 fees will be refunded.