We cannot emphasize enough how important attendance is during Term 2.  It will be up to the teacher’s discretion to decide if a student will participate in the recital.  If a student misses more than 4 classes; the teacher will decide if the student is able to participate in the recital.  This is a group effort and if a student falls behind because of repeated absences, the entire class suffers because of a single student.  We are on a tight deadline and we cannot afford to fall behind.  If a student is sick but not contagious, we highly encourage the student to come observe class in order to stay on top of the new choreography being taught.  As a dancer, it is your responsibility to catch up and learn what you’ve missed.  Ask a fellow classmate to help you catch up on your own time.  This will help in reducing the amount of ‘‘reviewing time” in class.

If a teacher decides that a student is not able to catch up, we will ask the student to withdraw from recital; no term fee or costume fee will be refunded.  All costumes have been ordered and processed; it is too late to cancel any costumes at this point without having a cancellation and administrative fee.