January Newsletter

 January 9th 2021


MKDA family, 

We would like to take this time to wish you a Happy New Year 2021 and hope this year brings you the three most important things in life:  Much HEALTH, HAPPINESS & LOVE. 

 We are starting 2021 a little off path, but are confident we will be back in the studio by Monday, January 25th. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to ‘’ role with the punches’’.  At MKDA, we have learned to ‘’role with the punches’’ but also have PLANS in place.  Please know, although our second term is starting 2 weeks late, we plan on making up these 2 weeks we are losing. 


Our PLAN A: 

If the government lifts the lock-down and we are able to come back to the studio on Monday, January 25th, we will most likely be teaching through March Break to make up some time.  We hope our dancers & families are NOT planning on travelling during March Break as quarantine must take place after travelling and this will fall into recital season. 



If the government keeps us in lock-down for an extended period of time, we will need to re-evaluate and reschedule our second term.  If this happens, we will keep everyone informed and we promise to be 100% transparent.  The safety & health of our dancers is our number one priority.



We urge every dancer to keep reviewing the class videos on the portal until we get back into the studio.  We have created this portal in order to help with training at home and remembering the routines.  We hope our dancers take full advantage of this wonderful tool.  Remember that every class has a different “username & password’’.  If you have lost this information, please email Mardi directly:  office@themkda.com 



If we must go into Plan B, we will discuss refunds/credits at that time.  Please note, all recital costumes have been ordered at this time, therefore no costume refunds will be given. 


We ask that you continue to keep the lines of communication wide open with us in regards to your child’s health.  If your child cannot attend class, we ask that you contact us with the reason of the absence, either by email:  office@themkda.com, melissa@themkda.com, by telephone: 705-268-1116 or by text message at: 


  We will continue to follow the MKDA health & safety protocols during our second term and we urge you to continue to screen your child prior to dance class with the following questions:

We thank you for your loyalty to MKDA and for your ongoing patience and encouragement during these trying times.  We are all in this together and we WILL get through this. 



Mrs. Melissa Kelly-Lavoie and MKDA faculty