We are thrilled to open our doors again after a long 2.5 month lockdown! Since our health unit is currently in the orange zone, we will be adhering to the restrictions of this category.  The only protocol we are adding for Term 2 is our new ‘’ROTATION SYSTEM’’. Any classes having more than 10 dancers must follow this system.  We are confident we will enter the green zone soon, therefore this system will only be in place temporarily until we are able to be more than 10 in a class. Please refer to the email sent to you on Feb. 17th which explains the ROTATION SYSTEM.  If you did not receive this email please contact us at:  melissa@themkda.com or office@themkda.com.  These are the classes affected:

-Advanced Hip Hop

-Level 4 Hip Hop

-Adult Hip Hop

-Competitive Advanced Hip Hop

-Junior Acro

-Senior Acro

-Advanced Musical Theatre

-Elementary Ballet

-Advanced Ballet

-Teen Tap

-Competitive Teen Jazz

-Advanced Contemporary

-Adult Lyrical

-Competitive Advanced Contemporary




COVID-19 has taught us to roll with the punches and has forced us to be creative, innovative and patient.  MKDA is stepping out of the comfort zone and has created a fantastic plan for recital!  Since we are not permitted to rent the auditorium at any school, we have rented the hall at THE DANTE CLUB! Here are the details (please know this information is subject to change depending on our current situation in April-May):

WHEN:  May 17-20th 2021 (Monday to Thursday)

WHERE:  The Dante Club

TIME/DURATION:  Show starts at 6:00pm / Ends at approx. 8:00pm.  Each show will be approx. 1.5 hours in length.

HOW:  MKDA will either rent or purchase a 40’ x 30’ portable dance floor to be installed at The Dante Club. Perfect Settings will provide the decorations (backdrop, wings, themed décor).

*MKDA studios will be used as a ‘’rehearsal hall’’ and ‘’waiting hall’’ for all dancers.  We are hoping to have a live feed for dancers in both studios.

*A few minutes before performance time, dancers will be escorted by volunteers to The Dante Club to perform.

*We have a total of 68 routines in this year’s show.  We will divide 68 routines in 4 evenings.  All routines will be performed ONCE at the exception of our ALADDIN PRODUCTION since this is our Opening performance.

*DANCE BUG will be the videographer and will film the entire show (all 4 days).  They will edit and produce it as one big show for you to view on your Dance Bug account.


WHAT:  If indoor gatherings are permitted, the recital will be in the form of DINNER & SHOW!!!! We are very excited about this as we know it will be a classy event (MKDA style!)  We will sell tickets for the dinner & show and you will be able to enjoy a delicious, Italian meal and live entertainment – what better way to be entertained than by the talents, hard-work and skills of your children!

For those families who would rather enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes, you will be able to do so with our live stream brought to you by DANCE BUG (a fee will apply for this service).

If, we are NOT PERMITTED to have indoor gatherings, we will still hold the recital at The Dante Club and it will be live streamed for everyone (at a fee).


NOTE:  We are still in the preparation and organizing stages at this time.  More details will become available by late March-beginning of April such as: Ticket pricing, ticket purchasing, live stream fee, ticket limit per dancer or family, order of the show, rehearsals at the Dante Club, number of volunteers needed etc.



We have a potential picture day of May 15th-16th at MKDA in Studio A. Marc Breton and his wife have been hired for this service.



Attendance is crucial for this second half of our season.  We ask that you please email or call us if your child is not able to attend:  705-268-1116 or office@themkda.com.  It is important to state the reason of your child’s absence.  If a child misses more than 4 classes during Term 2, it will be to the teacher’s discretion to decide participation in the recital.



At this time in the season, there are no refunds for costumes.  All costumes have been ordered and are already starting to arrive.  Dancers who have an outstanding balance on their accounts, MUST submit FULL PAYMENT prior to taking costumes home.  For all account inquiries/questions, please contact

Stephanie K. Pichette at:  stephanie@jemsmanagement.com.



February 22nd 2021:  Term 2 start date / Length of Term 2 is 12 weeks.

March 17th:  St-Patrick’s Day.  We invite our dancers to wear green to celebrate!

April 2nd-3rd:  Good Friday, Easter Weekend. Studio Closed.  Classes resume on April 5th (Easter Monday).

April BREAK week:  Since April Break is the week after Easter, we have decided to teach classes on Monday, April 5th (Easter Monday) because we do not want our Monday dancers to have 2 consecutive Mondays off.  Therefore, April Break will run from April 12th-17th.   Classes will resume on Monday, April 19th.

May 15th-16th:  Potential Picture Days at MKDA Studio A.

May 17th-20th:  MKDA recital dates at THE DANTE CLUB



Let the fun begin!!

Welcome back!