February Newsletter




Recital costumes have already started coming in.  Please make sure to settle your balance on your account with Mardi.  We will not allow your child to bring his/her costume(s) home unless the account is at zero.



Please be advised, Mardi has sent out the Picture & Theriault Rehearsal schedule 2 weeks ago.  Please make sure you mark these dates on your calendar.  If you did not receive these documents, please get in touch with Mardi:  office@themkda.com.  These documents are also available to view on our website:  http://www.themkda.com/recital-info/



Francine Lauzon is our studio seamstress.  You may contact her for any alterations you need for costumes: 




MKDA is making it easier for you!  Anything you need as far as tights, shoes, camisoles & accessories, we ask that you visit our website and click on STORE.  Here, you will find a package called:  MKDA 2019 RECITAL REQUIREMENTS.  Click on the package and you will find everything you need.  We ask that you purchase from our store because this will ensure every dancer has the correct color of tights and style of shoes.  You will also find amazing accessories such as:  Donuts for the buns, fake eyelashes, clear bra straps etc..

The only things you will need to purchase through our office, (during office hours), are the following items:

-Rhinestone fishnet tights

-Rhinestone earrings

-Rhinestone, elastic ponytail holder




We are already looking for recital volunteers.  We cannot put on a show of this size without the help of the parents.  It is easy to submit your name; simply go to:   http://www.themkda.com and go to the “RECITAL INFO” page and click on “VOLUNTEERS”.  Here is the direct link:  http://www.themkda.com/recital-info/volunteer/




If you have changed your email address, please inform Mardi ASAP.  In March, we will be sending the link for ticket sales and we want to make sure everyone receives this link. 




We are so pleased to announce we are doing ticket sales the same way as last year:  Online!! Purchase your recital tickets from the comfort of your own home or tablet!  Here’s how it will work:

Price of tickets:  As usual, this will be a reserved seating event.  $22.00 for side seats and $25.00 for middle seats.

How?  All MKDA families will receive an email with the direct link to ON STAGE DIRECT (which is the company we use to purchase tickets).  On the first day, families will be able to purchase 10 tickets each and additional tickets may be purchased during our ”General Public’‘ dates.  You will be receiving your direct link by email so please keep your eyes out on your emails with SUBJECT LINEDIRECT LINK FOR TICKET SALE.  All those wanting to pay by cash or debit, will need to come in at the studio during regular office hours.  No tickets can be printed without full payment.


 Saturday, March 16th starting at 9:00am (presale):  Ticket sales for last year’s volunteers, MKDA staff, recital program sponsors & competitive team sponsors.  These people will receive the PRESALE link by email.  SUBJECT LINE:  PRESALE LINK FOR RECITAL TICKETS.

Sunday, March 17th starting at 6:00am:  Ticket sale for MKDA families.

Monday, March 18th starting at 6:00am to Wednesday, April 10th :  Ticket sale for General Public.  There will be a link on every page of our website entitled:  PURCHASE RECITAL TICKETS HERE.  

Recital Dates:  Friday, April 12th at 7:00pm (Senior Show), Saturday, April 13th at 1:00pm (Full Show) and Sunday, April 14th at 1:00pm (Full Show).

**NOTE:  AFTER APRIL 10th, tickets can only be purchased at the door 1 hour prior to each show at the cost of $25.00

***NOTE:  all ticket sales are final.  no exceptions.  please make sure you are choosing the correct date when selecting your tickets.