What are exams? Professional exams are good to experience because it helps students achieve a goal with their technical and performance skills. Examinations are typically in March.  Professional examiners come from another city and evaluate your child's technique and overall dance skills. We train for these exams very early on, so that students have an in depth understanding of the work. If passed successfully, the student will be awarded a grade, written comments and a certificate. At MKDA we highly recommend exams because they help achieve a completely new level of technique, grace, and performance abilities.  Taking exams also ensures that your child is keeping up with International standards.   About Ballet Exams Click here for the EXAM PROCEDURE AND RULES document At MKDA, we offer ballet exams with the Cecchetti Society of Canada. These exams are similar to auditions; where the dancer is groomed professionally.  Girls must wear pink tights, black leotard, clean ballet slippers (preferably canvas), a number pined on the front and back of the leotard and hair must be tied in a neat bun with no loose hair or bangs. Boys must wear a fitted white tank, fitted black shorts, black ballet slippers and hair must be out of the face. Students for ballet exams are chosen by Melissa Kelly.  If students want to be considered for ballet exams, they must show consistent improvement, love of dance, strong technique, discipline and maturity. There are many exercises to learn and master in order to pass the exams successfully. Not only must the exercises be shown with grace, poise, technique and understanding, but dancers are expected to show their performance skills and love of dance through every movement.  A short solo is choreographed by the teacher and must be performed by the dancer at the end of the exam session.  Upon successful completion, dancers will receive a grade, written comments and a certificate.    


About the Competitive Team Our competitive team allows students to be exposed to an elite dance world and to gain incredible knowledge in performing and team spirit.  Being part of the competitive team is an honor in itself because, as a dancer, you will see for yourself what the dance industry is all about, you will gain a deeper understanding of performing, your technique will also benefit because of the extra hours of training that is required. Auditions are mandatory to be part of our team.  All audition candidates must fill out the Audition Application Form on the "Forms" page and pay a $50.00 audition fee. To be considered for the MKDA Competitive Team you must: -Have strong technical abilities -Have the ability to learn choreography quickly -Have been dancing for a minimum of 4 years -Be able to accept constructive criticism and apply all corrections given to you -Have a strong work ethic and a mature personality -Show the potential for personal growth -No attitude or disrespect of any kind will be tolerated -Demonstrate leadership skills and optimism -Demonstrate consistency in work shown, passion and determination -Pay the amount owing for competition or do your own fundraising     MKDA Competitive Fees Two invoices are given throughout the year with specific deadlines.  If you wish to do your own fundraising, you are more than welcome, but MKDA will not be responsible for any fundraising activities. Many parents will take it upon themselves to organize fundraising events and everyone is more than welcome to take part in the many fundraisers being organized.  All fundraisers can be seen on the MKDA Competitive Team Facebook page. The first invoice outlines the following items: -Competition entry fees -MKDA tuition fees -Solo/Duo/Trio fees   The 2nd invoice will outline the following items: -Jewelry -Makeup -Comp jacket (for new dancers) -Duffle bag/Garment Bag -Hotel fees for teachers   The fee does not cover the cost of: -Food (for the 2017 season, all dancers will be responsible for their own food) -Hotel Accommodations (for the 2017 season, all parents are responsible for booking hotels for themselves and for their child) -Personal expenses -Photos or videos from competitions -Programs from competitions    

Click here to view the Code of Conduct for Dancers