STUDENT CLASS PLACEMENT FOR RETURNING STUDENTS:  MKDA faculty makes all placement decisions. Teachers consider students individually in order to determine which level of dance is the most appropriate for them for the coming dance season.  It is not uncommon for students to attend the same level for more than one year, because there is great development and many layers of learning within each level. Appropriate levels of classes are determined by the teacher. Levels are not determined by age, but with the best interest of each student in mind. Individuals develop at different rates and every student has their own level of commitment and dedication.  Teachers understand that friends like to be together, but they do not take this into consideration when providing personal recommendations for students. We hope that parents will discuss recommendations with their children and explain the benefits of being in the level(s) that have been carefully selected for them. Faculty members will review all students’ placements for accuracy in the first three weeks of classes each fall. If a class adjustment is advisable, the teacher will approach the parent to discuss class options.

STUDENT CLASS PLACEMENT FOR NEW STUDENTS: With the exception of our competition team and examinations, acceptance into the school is based on class availability, age, and previous experience. If a student is new to MKDA, a faculty member may need to assess the student to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate level. Please provide the studio with details of your dance background, if any. Faculty members will review all students’ placements for accuracy in the first three weeks of classes each fall. If a class adjustment is advisable, the teacher will approach the parent to discuss class options.

MISSED CLASSES:  Progress is built upon regular weekly attendance to class. If the dancer is unable to attend class due to illness or extenuating circumstances, please email the studio to let the office know. If a dancer misses four or more classes during Term 2, it will be to the teacher’s discretion whether a dancer is able to participate in the year-end recital. If a dancer misses 2 or more classes of competition practices, it will be to the teacher’s discretion whether a dancer is able to continue on the competition team .

CLASS SIZE/WAITING LISTS: Class sizes are limited to provide an appropriate student-teacher ratio, helping to ensure student feedback and a high standard of dance education. Each year, we present a schedule that will meet the needs of our new and returning students. If a class is full, you can be put on a waitlist. MKDA also reserves the right to cancel any class that has low enrollment.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Every attempt will be made to contact each student if we cancel a class due to weather or other extenuating circumstances. In the event that a class is cancelled, we will attempt to contact each dancer affected by the cancellation through telephone or email. Please ensure MKDA has correct and up to date contact information for your child.  We will also post on our website, the MKDA Facebook page and Melissa Lavoie’s Facebook page. There are no refunds or guaranteed make-up classes for classes cancelled due to weather, holidays, studio event cancellations, or extenuating circumstances.


Upon entering the studio, a positive and professional attitude is expected by all students and their parents. Most importantly, HAVE FUN, SMILE AND DANCE! Students and parents will be respectful to each other and the faculty. Profanity, un-sportsmanlike conduct, bullying or gossip will not be tolerated by students or parents. Melissa Kelly-Lavoie reserves the right to ask you to leave the building and possibly be removed from the program permanently.

No peanuts or any kind of nuts are permitted in the Dance Academy due to severe allergies.

MKDA security guard has the authority to ask people to leave the building if he/she feels they are not respecting the dancers or the premises at his discretion. There is no loitering on the Dance Academy premises.

Parking in Melissa Kelly-Lavoie’s driveway is strictly prohibited. This is a personal driveway, not a studio driveway, thus please respect this rule.  Our security guard will ask you to move your vehicle if you are parked in the driveway. If you refuse, your vehicle will be towed at your expense.

At MKDA there is a privilege of watching dancers through a viewing window in both Studio A and Studio B. We ask that no one enters the studio during class time. This is very distracting to the dancers. The observation area is not a place for socializing; it is a place of silence and observation. Please do not put the teacher in the position of asking you to leave.

The Melissa Kelly Dance Academy is entitled to train student teachers as assistants and full-time teachers at any point. Professional guidance and assessments will be given to any full-time teacher.



COMMUNICATION: Good communication between Melissa Kelly Dance Academy and our students is very important to us! MKDA prides itself on a high level of administrative service to its clients. We work diligently to ensure that parents are kept well informed of every aspect of the studio. Please note that MKDA does not give out faculty phone numbers. If you need to speak to an instructor, please call or email the studio and we will be happy to pass your contact numbers on to them. Do you have a question? We are always willing to help. Feel free to contact us by calling or emailing the studio: Phone: 705-268-1116  Email: office@themkda.com.

NEWSLETTERS: To provide clear and consistent information, we publish regular newsletters and announcements which we post on our website, bulletin board and Facebook page. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to stay current on studio news.

EMAIL: We use email to send important reminders, flyers, studio information, and account information throughout the year. Please ensure that you write your email address down carefully as you register online so we can keep the lines of communication open!


Financial Policies

**Please refer to the detailed MKDA Policies document in the “Forms” page**


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